About Bob Lichtenbert


Bob  Lichtenbert  has  taught  philosophy  for  over  forty  years  in  various  colleges.  Since  1988,  he  has  published  his  journal, “The  Meaning  of  Life” which once was the 3rd largest philosophical journal in the US.  He  now  reviews  plays,  but  has  reviewed  and  written  about all  the  arts  in  various  publications. Bob earned his M. A. and Ph.D. in philosophy—the only  real  Ph. D.!–from Tulane University in New Orleans.  After  teaching  in  North  Adams,  Massachusetts,  and  Charleston,  South  Carolina,  Dr.  Lichtenbert now lives in his hometown, Chicago.  His wife, Mary, is deceased.  He has two children, Amy and  Steve.